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Jean Van Harlingen began her art career early in life. By the end of her senior year of high school she had already been featured in a one person show. Jean's passion for art was matched only by her love of athletics. She began her career working in oils and a few sculptures.

After high school she attended Ohio State University and took a double major in art and physical education. She received her bachelor's degree in physical education in 1970. One evening, while attending a mandatory modern dance concert, she had an epiphany. It was this night that inspired her to work with modern dance, not as a dancer but as an artist. This event has inspired Jean's work to this day. She has combined the three dimensional aspects of dance with sculpture.

After Ohio State she attended Columbus College of Art and Design where she studied painting for a year. Then in 1973 Jean went to Tyler School of Art, Temple University where she received her master's degree in fine arts (sculpture).

Jean has worked in oils, sculpture and of course fiber. She has been invited to produce a number of site works all over the US and in Europe. Through the 1980's and 90's she spent the majority of her time working in fiber, for which she has achieved great acclaim. Her earlier fiber works utilized natural fibers and colors including things like pine needles, leaves and mica. From there she moved into abstract works using pigmented (dyed) pulps, where color and form combine to produce provocative and strangely alluring pieces.

Digital media creations began with paint dropped on glass slides scanned to computer. This has progressed to digitally enhanced photos and digital works from scratch. This new experiment in digital art, is unique in that pieces are completely digital in origin and do not exist in any other form. For more detailed information on Jean's accomplishments click the links below.


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